This is the internet homepage of Bix Frankonis.

The unsupported use case of a disordered, surplus, mediocre midlife in St. Johns, Oregon—now with global pandemic, climate crisis, incipient fascism, tensions between nuclear powers, and uphill battle for disability.

My call to action

Read my blog post about recent events at The Belmont Goats, then donate to their latest fundraiser.

About me

I was born on October 25 in upstate New York, use he/him pronouns primarily by default, have lived in St. Johns, Oregon, and environs for twenty-five years, and have been online since a dialup gopher server in 1993; and I am a straight, celibate, aromantic, agnostic, autistic, introverted, antifascist, middle-aged, cisgender white guy of Italian, Lithuanian, and Polish descent.

My disabilities

I’m impaired by autism spectrum, generalized anxiety, obsessive-compulsive, sensory processing, persistent adjustment, and developmental coordination disorders; aphantasia and severely deficient autobiographical memory; and something my therapist and I refer to as “complex chronic stress”, which in some sense is akin to viewing daily life given the above through the lens of conservation of resources theory and arguably equates to the persistent adjustment disorder.

My pets

Since late 2014, I’ve lived with a gray-and-white, domestic shorthair cat named Meru (for the protagonist in Matt Kindt’s Mind MGMT), who thinks my singing is the sound of distress and on Friday afternoons insists that I pay attention to her instead of my therapist; recently I lost to degenerative illness a dilute calico, domestic shorthair named Willow.

My history

You might or might not know me from such former projects as a pioneering internet petition against government censorship; a worthwhile cybercafe failure; several years of celebrated stand-alone journalism; the founding of a successful, annual fan-based fundraising campaign; organizing video contest submissions for the DVD of a trailblazing web series; or project managing a resident herd of urban goats; but not from my childhood dream of becoming an outer-space moving van driver.

My testimonials

Rolling Stone emphasized my “long black eyelashes”, “face that sees very little sun”, and “quick wit”; Mike Doughty said that Soul Coughing was “playing it all” for me; Bruce Sterling referred to me as a “punk”; a Portland public relations professional called me a “sissy”; and a now-disgraced pop culture icon told people not to worship false versions of me and might have called me “twitchy, unreliable-looking”.

My philosophies

I believe that “if nothing we do matters, then the only thing that matters is what we do”; and that cynicism is but frustrated optimism, resulting only from first believing that people are capable of better and then all too often being proved wrong, and that this is why small, everyday courtesies mean something.

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About this

My homepage domain is named for my Belly-inspired, mid-90s, first-ever internet handle; design is based upon Special by Ediz Baha; and the experimental RSS feed is down as I try to determine the best approach now that I’ve separated the homepage and nowpage.

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