This is the internet homepage of Bix Frankonis.

📌 Read the explainer for my asocial networking proposal to get free of the feed, “Toward Disengagement”.

👋 The unsupported use case of a disordered, mediocre midlife in St. Johns, Oregon—now with added global pandemic, climate crisis, and escalated tensions between nuclear powers.

👀 I was born on October 25 in upstate New York, use he/him pronouns primarily by default, have lived in St. Johns, Oregon, and environs for twenty-five years, and have been online since a dialup gopher server in 1993; and I am a straight, celibate, aromantic, agnostic, introverted, middle-aged, cisgender white guy of Italian, Lithuanian, and Polish descent.

🧠 I’m impaired by autism spectrum, generalized anxiety, obsessive-compulsive, sensory processing, persistent adjustment, and developmental coordination disorders; aphantasia and severely deficient autobiographical memory; and something my therapist and I refer to as “complex chronic stress”.

🕛 Successfully got the air conditioner set up for the weekend; finishing up work on the “narrative” document that’s going to accompany my disability filing; scheduled my one-year-on, post-bladder-surgery followup exam for mid-September; growing frustrated with the DSLR and impatient for Apple’s periscope lens; realizing that my coping capacity is degenerating; needing my fatigue to be tied to one diagnosis or another, because lately it’s not made me feel worn out so much as run down; remembering four years ago this month when the director of a nonprofit assisting people with disability filings dismissively scoffed at me when I said I didn’t know I was autistic until my forties; trying to get my therapist and my doctor to have a conversation before starting in on a disability filing; scheduled an appointment for back pain but there wasn’t anything until early July; recovering somewhat from the shame and guilt of having had to put to sleep my ailing cat, Willow; and still being struck repeatedly by the ugly irony that of recent years 2020 for me was the easiest.

📚 I’m reading Internet for the People by Ben Tarnoff and And What Can We Offer You Tonight by Premee Mohamed; still pausing Entangled Life by Merlin Sheldrake; recently finished Unmasking Autism by Devon Price and The Void Ascendant by Premee Mohamed; and I’ve read twenty-seven books out of this year’s goal of forty.

📺 This week I’m watching Evil, Ms. Marvel, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, and For All Mankind; starting in on the latest season of Raising Dion, and then The Silent Sea; watching the latest season of Animal in the mornings, and then Our Great National Parks; catching Red Sox games as often as I can, and the January 6th hearings when they are on; still sometimes thinking about how Station Eleven was everything; and so far still not missing anything after cutting the cord.

📽️ In recent weeks, I’ve rewatched Star Trek: The Motion Picture (although technically the director’s edition, which I’d never seen, and technically its glorious new restoration from Paramount+) and Spider-Man: No Way Home; seen the weirdly-prophetic and pre-pandemic The Pink Cloud, Four Days in October, the not just bad but artlessly bad Moonfall, and Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (just my second time in a theater since the pandemic began); and I’m fully expecting another Space Sweepers rewatch while I have Netflix.

🎧 My need for music waxes and wanes, but my rotation of late mostly has been An Horse, mainly rediscovering their fantastic Rearrange Beds and getting into their most recent, Modern Air; I’ve started to pull in some Mike Doughty and Belly; and I wish there were new releases from Ghost of Vroom and Sleepover.

🎙️ I’m listening regularly to Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!, The Joy of Why, The Wire at 20, and For All Mankind: The Official Podcast, and intermittently to The Content Mines; making my way through Better Things with Pamela Adlon; awaiting the next seasons of 1800 Seconds on Autism, Technopolis, and Star Trek: The Pod Directive; still missing Social Distance; and also still missing the sheer creative joy of Station Eleven: The Podcast.

🍲 My current meals schema consists of a bowl of cold cereal for breakfast, except a weekly brunch out; turkey or ham or roast beef, provolone or baby Swiss, olive oil mayonnaise or spicy brown mustard, and iceberg or butter or romaine lettuce on sourdough or rye or English muffin toasting bread for lunch, except the occasional macaroni-and-cheese; and vegetable beef soup for dinner, except beef stew on weekends, except the product might be getting discontinued.

🗞️ Every day I save selected items from email newsletters, RSS feeds, and Apple News articles to read on my Kobo or iPad; and you can subscribe directly to my Pocket feed or follow on Tumblr if you want to see what I’ve been reading.

🐈 Since late 2014, I've lived with a gray-and-white, domestic shorthair cat named Meru (for the protagonist in Matt Kindt's Mind MGMT), who thinks my singing is the sound of distress and on Friday afternoons insists that I pay attention to her instead of my therapist; recently I lost to degenerative illness a dilute calico, domestic shorthair named Willow.

📜 You might or might not know me from such former projects as The Myra Stein Underground Press, Stop S314, The Millennium Cafe, Portland Communique, Small Pieces: The Gang Blog, Can’t Stop the Serenity, and The Belmont Goats; or from the cruft-free presentation of Mark Twain’s The War Prayer I’ve been hosting online for twenty years.

🗣️ Rolling Stone emphasized my “long black eyelashes”, “face that sees very little sun”, and “quick wit”; Mike Doughty said that Soul Coughing was “playing it all” for me; Bruce Sterling referred to me as a “punk”; a Portland public relations professional called me a “sissy”; and a now-disgraced pop culture icon told people not to worship false versions of me.

💸 You can hit me up on Apple Cash, Cash App, Chime ($Bix-Frankonis), PayPal, or Venmo; shop my Amazon Wishlist; gift me Flickr Pro; or send me a Kobo eGift (“just” around $400 for all currently-released books).

🛠️ This site was inspired by /now pages and is updated by hand at least once every week and served to you over the web by Carrd; this domain is named for my Belly-inspired, mid-90s, first-ever internet handle; you can subscribe to updates via RSS, although this is experimental and could go away at any time.