This is the internet homepage of Bix Frankonis.

👋 The unsupported use case of a disordered*, mediocre midlife in St. Johns, Oregon—now with added global pandemic and climate crisis.

🕛 Failing to make progress on a pile of hundreds of autism research papers, getting in a daily half-hour walk for exercise and mental refresh (weather and health status permitting), marking over a year straight of therapy, masking up again despite being fully vaccinated because variants and ignoramuses, feeling relieved the new property owners are not eyeing evictions, experiencing some progress after bladder and prostate surgery, pondering the future implications of a recent near-miss mental health crisis, dealing with an intense bout of food fatigue, anticipating Apple finally doing custom email domains, tired of just treading existential water, and finding myself nostalgic for how much easier for me was 2020.

📚 I'm reading We Are Satellites by Sarah Pinsker at night and Life's Edge by Carl Zimmer during the day, having finished The Black Pages by Nnedi Okorafor and Footprints by David Farrier; I've got a long list of ebooks to buy or borrow next.

📺 This week I'm watching Evil, Stargirl, What If…?, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Ted Lasso; Star Trek: Lower Decks on weekend mornings; getting in multiple Red Sox games; not watching Y: The Last Man past the legitimately terrible pilot; trying to pick a good moment to binge season two of Into the Night; and rewatching Lost.

📽️ Recently I've seen The Suicide Squad, This World Alone, A Quiet Place Part II, Zack Snyder’s Justice League, and The Empty Man; and rewatched We Bought a Zoo, Sneakers, and Star Trek.

🎧 My rotation of late has included Billie Eilish (which tends to be my daily walk music), Bachelor, and Ghost of Vroom, with the occasional R.E.M, Cowboy Junkies, and Throwing Muses.

📻 I'm finishing up Lovecraft Country Radio; listening weekly to Wait Wait… Don't Tell Me!; awaiting the next seasons of 1800 Seconds on Autism and Star Trek: The Pod Directive; and still missing Social Distance.

🗞️ I've replaced most of my newsletter subscriptions with RSS feeds and save selected items to read later on my ereader; you can see what articles I've read lately by subscribing to this feed or in the footer of my blog.

🎮 I'm not a gamer but since upgrading to Apple One and having access to Arcade, I've casually been playing Angry Birds Reloaded, with little regard for my scores.

ℹ️ You can send me electronic mail, shoot me a text message, read my blog posts, browse my photo stream, or shop for a disgruntled t-shirt.

💬 Rolling Stone emphasized my “long black eyelashes” and “face that sees very little sun”, deeming me “a kid from upstate New York with a quick wit”; Mike Doughty said Soul Coughing was "playing it all" for me; Bruce Sterling referred to me as a “punk”; and a Portland public relations professional called me a “sissy”.

🛠️ This page is updated by hand from an Apple device at least once every week and served to you over the web by Carrd; this domain is named for my mid-90s, Belly-inspired internet handle.

*Autism spectrum, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive, adjustment, sensory processing, developmental coordination, severely deficient autobiographical memory.